Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why HM Aviation ?

HM Aviaton airline pilot career programmes are designed to take aspiring pilots with very little or no flying experience, directly to the co-pilot seat of a commercial jet with a world-leading airline.
HM Aviaton has been chosen by the Aviation professionals to select and train the most able, aspiring pilots to join a world-class cadet pilot programme. Successful completion of training the student will earn CPL Multi engine and instrument ratings which will lead them to airline flight deck as a co-pilot upon type rating.
You will join a full time, integrated training programme at HM Aviaton Aviation’s Crew Training Centre- chennai and in your respective preffered training centres in our network globally
Your training will be followed by a DGCA licence conversion course and airline interview preparation in India.

Q2. When is next course starting ?

Please click here for a copy of the current or last advertisement.

Q3. Is there any coaching classes conducted by HM Aviation for Entrance Examination ?

No, there are no Coaching Classes conducted for Entrance Examination by HM Aviation.

Q4. What are the qualifications required for applying for Ab-initio to CPL ?

The educational qualification is 10+2 in Physics and Maths. All candidates must have passed English at 10+2 level as one of the subjects.

Q5. Which all are the centers where written examination is conducted ?

Online Examination is conducted in 3 cities (Chennai/Delhi/Kochi/Mumbai). Candidates are asked to give three choices for Centres. Some Examination Centres may be cancelled if the choice for the centre from candidates is not adequate. Examination will be conducted through our online assessment system upon application.

Q6.Any loan facility provided by the Akademi ?

HM Aviation does not provide loan facilities, however interested canditates shall be provided with supporting documents to avail the loans from the nationalized banks.

Q7. What is the minimum age limit for joining the course ?

Although candidates with less than 17 years may be permitted to undergo selection process but they must not be less than 17 years before joining the course.

Q8. What is the maximum age limit for issue of CPL ?

There is no age limit for issue of CPL .

Q9. Availability of Accommodation for the visitors to the Akademi

Akademi welcomes visitors who want to have the 1st hand feel of the training facilities available here. Reasonable accommodation on payment (subject to availability) can be provided.

Q10. What is the Fee Structure ?

Please visit our list of Courses page.

Q11. Is the option of B. Sc. (Aviation) available ?

Yes it is available on an additional costs.HM Aviation shall facilitate for the same.

Q12. Is there any Hostel accommodation available ?

Yes, Akademi has sufficient furnished hostel accommodation at nominal charges for its students. The Girl’s Hostel is separate from the Boy’s Hostel.

Q13. What is the Course intake ?

As we have our training centres accross the globe, 400 students are trained in a year.

Q14. What is the syllabus for examination ?

Knowledge of Physics, Maths and English upto 10+2 standard required along with General Awareness of current affairs and normal reasoning psychometric assessments.

Q15. What kind of loan can we get for pilot training?

You can get Educational loan

Q16. How much money we could get from Bank as loan?

You can get upto 85% from your fee structure for pilot training.

Q17. What will be the Study hours?

According to authority bodies, you have to get minimum of 200 hours flight training experience with multi engine and single engine

Q18. After my CPL what will be the Next Step regarding career?

After Cpl you’re eligible to apply junior first officer vacancies in Airlines

Q19. Is type rating Necessary?

Type Rating is not necessary. If you have type rating you can apply job in particular type of aircraft that you did type rating

Q20. Generally on which a/c will they train us?

Generally they will give training in CESSNA & DIAMOND Aircraft.

Q21. How long will the Bank loan and VISA process take?

For bank loan it will take maximum 30 working days to get sanction letter in nationalized bank if it is institute type up bank it will take 7 working days to get sanction letter. For visa it will take 24 working days after application has been filed.

Q22. Which are the entire Documents required for CPL?

10th & 12th mark sheet, with 60% of marks is enough to start cpl training

Q23. If, I don’t get my VISA what is my next move?

No worries on that because except USA all other countries are giving visa based on your documents even if its fail we can try for another country

Q23. Should I take up any English Proficiency Exams?

It’s not necessary but if u takes PTE English Proficiency Exam that will be an Added Advantage.

Q24. What and all the process required for conversion of my CPL?

  • Valid foreign Professional Pilot’s License + verification letter from issuing State
  • Valid foreign Class-I Medical Assessment from State of issue
  • Authenticated Log book of a period of at least preceding 5 years, which must include information regarding dates, aircraft type (single/Multi) and registration, crew status (PIC, Co-pilot etc.), total time, Sectors, Departure-arrival times, day & Nights, X-country flights, X-country tests with no. of landings, Skill tests (Day / night / IR with no. of landings) instrument time (actual, simulated in aircraft), simulator flying (separately logged). All the entries must be verified by the appropriate authority in the State of Issue of foreign license. Tests must be signed by the examiners as well.
  • Valid Certificates of Skill tests for Single as well as Multi engine(if multi aircraft rating is desired)(Note: The tests shall be on the type of aircraft which are also available and registered in India and the test shall be on performance as laid down in India duly authenticated by the Instructor/ designated representative of State Regulatory Authority)
  • Statement of 20Hrs Cross-country flights / 50 Hrs if IR is also requested.
  • Cross-country check reports, total three(300NM with two full stop landings, 250NM with one full stop landing, 120NM by night while returning to point of departure without landing)
  • 5Hrs Night Flying as PIC with certificate of 10numbers of take offs and 10 numbers of landings
  • For IR issue : Instrument time total =40 Hrs (actual on aircraft 20 or more+ simulated 20 or less) and at least 5Hr instrument time on actual aircraft in preceding six months (for IR issue)
  • For Multi endorsement on CPL: Record of ground training and pass result of technical exam, Statement indicating at least
  • hrs of training on multi engine aircraft for which endorsement is requested (including test/ check), and within 6 months General flying test by day with three solo take off and landings each, General flying test Night with three solo take off and landings each and for IR on multi IR test report with two approaches on aircraft for which multi -endorsement on license is requested.

Q25. What is the minimum percentage required for applying CPL?

55% is enough to apply Cpl

Q26. How much percentage of loans would I get from my property?

85% from nationalized bank and 100% from private and institute tie up banks

Q27. How long it will require repaying my loan?

Usually banks give tenure of 120 months to pay your loan.

Q28. What are the eligibility criteria?

Minimum of 10, +2 with physics and moths

Q27. Will I get any sponsorship for CPL?

Based on the academy and your +2 marks.

Q28. Whether the fees structure includes aero accommodation & Transportation?

Yes it’s all included in your package

Q29. How many hours are required getting my CPL license?

200 hours as a minimum to fulfill all the civil aviation requirements of DGCA

Q30. What will be the salary of a Trainee Pilot or junior first officer?

Normally Indian airlines are paying 1,30,000 as a minimum basic salary.

Q31. What is ATPL?

Air Transport Pilot license, is the highest license a pilot can obtain and is the qualification that allows the holder to act as the pilot in command (pic) or captain of a large transport aircraft.

Q32. What is class1 and class2 medical? What is the difference between them?

Class 1 Medical Assessment

a) Class 1 Medical Assessment is required for applicants and holders of:

  • Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter);
  • Senior Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane);
  • Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter);
  • Flight Navigator’s Licence;
  • Student Flight Navigator’s Licence;
  • Flight Engineer’s Licence;
  • Student Flight Engineer’s Licence.
  • Private Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane and helicopter) where Instrument Rating (Aeroplane and Helicopter) privileges are required.

b) The Standards and Recommended Practices relating to:

  • Physical and mental requirements;
  • Visual requirements; and
  • Hearing requirements
Class 2
  • Private Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter);
  • Pilot’s Licence (Glider); CIVIL AVIATION REQUIREMENTS SECTION 7 SERIES 'C' PART I 26th August, 1999 Rev. 2, 13th February 2006 4 - Pilot’s Licence (Balloons);
  • Pilot’s Licence (Microlight);
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane);
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter);
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Glider);
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Balloons);
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Microlight);
  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence;
  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence (Restricted).

Q33. Can you assist me in acquiring a loan to pursue CPL?

Yes, it’s our pleasure to help.

Q34. What is type rating?

A type rating is a regulating agency's certification of an airplane pilot to fly a certain aircrafttype that requires additional training beyond the scope of the initial license and aircraft class training.

Q35. What subjects do I learn during ground classes?


Q36. What is included in the cost of the program?

Its depends on the country

Q37. Once I get a job as an airline pilot, how many hours do I have to work in a week?

  • 1,000 hours in any calendar year;
  • 100 hours in any calendar month;
  • 30 hours in any 7 consecutive days

Q38. Can I work part time while I am pursuing my CPL?

Yes you can

Q39. What type of VISA do I need to pursue CPL Abroad?

Student visa and vocational category

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