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Starting a Flying Career in India

There has never been a more exciting or better time to start a flying career. Thousands of new aircraft are on their way to Asia, and several new airlines are starting up. After many years, things are finally looking up.

Starting a career in aviation can be challenging. The high costs involved, and the selection of a flying school can be intimidating for a new student. For one who really wants it, this is all very doable. Financing, scholarships and repayment options are all available. The first major decision a student faces is where to do their training.

Flight Training in India

Most student pilots from India and Asia go to North America for their flight training. The number one country is the United States. The United States is the country which founded aviation, and has the leading aviation industry in the world. It is a country with a diverse landscape and climate. A student can truly experience every situation encountered in flying. The United States also has the most advanced training aircraft available, with top of the line single-engine, multi-engine and glass cockpit aircraft. The United States also has a lot of highly experienced, dedicated flight instructors. Many students spend a year or two after flight training instructing in the United States. This is a great start to an aviation career, and allows new pilots to pass their knowledge on to students.

Other locations are an option, such as Australia or New Zealand. Although these countries may not have the facilities or experience of the United States, they are often more friendly to train in than the USA. Whatever the student desires, there are many options in locations and flight schools.

Upon returning home, the student is now ready to obtain employment with the airlines. They will usually fly Boeing or Airbus aircraft, depending upon the airline. The newly hired pilot usually starts off flying domestic routes, but can quickly upgrade to international routes. A pilot can see the world both on duty, and on holidays. After some time as a first officer, one can upgrade to captain.

With recent growth, and all of the new airlines and aircraft coming to Asia, employment opportunities have never been better.Now is the perfect time for one to begin an exciting flying career.