Pilot Training Course Institute In India

There has never been greater career opportunities than at present. Aviation has transformed from a luxury to an essential industry. This has resulted in unprecedented growth, and pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel are needed in larger numbers than ever.

The increase in air travel has made the airports and skies more busy, and this has resulted in a demand for well trained aviation personnel. Proper training of pilots and aviation professionals has never been as important.

Many pilot training programs are available, and it is important the individual selects correctly. HM Aviation has a well tested program with proven results. The HM Aviation Pilot Training program is designed by top-rated, experienced aviation professionals.

The candidate’s first step is to discuss their career plans with an experienced HM career counsellor. They will assist the candidate in deciding if a career as a pilot is right for them. The councillors can also assist individuals in choosing aviation career opportunities other than a pilot, for those may may desire something else in aviation.

Pilot Training Course Institute

For candidates wishing to become a pilot, HM Aviation will first prepare them for their flight training course in New Delhi. This will involve ground school in subjects such as: Air Law, Meteorology, Theory of Flight, Aircraft Engines, and Operations. The candidate will also be introduced to the flight simulator. Before going for flight training, the student will be prepared for his/her visa interview for the country in which they are going for flight training.

HM Aviation sends its students to countries such as the USA, South Africa, and New Zealand for flight training. Although India has the fasting growing aviation industry in the world, these countries have more experienced instructors, and are better for flight training. The student not only receives the best flight training available, but will experience an adventure, and make many new friends from around the world. The student can expect to train in their host country for about a year. The student will obtain their private and commercial pilot licenses, and their multi-engine and instrument ratings. Every airline requires all of these licenses and ratings.

Upon returning to India, HM Aviation prepares the candidate for the entire airline selection process. The selection process includes interviews, group interviews, aptitude tests, and simulator evaluations. HM students are well prepared for this process, and the airlines have all been very impressed with the results.

The HM Aviation program is intensive, but students enjoy the program immensely, and it prepares them like no other corse. Opportunities will open to one of the most exciting careers in the world.

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