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Become a First Officer With HM Aviation

Many people dream of a career as a pilot. It is an exciting career with unlimited growth potential. A pilot is a career with great earning potential, and an exciting career with the opportunity to see the world; both on and off work.

A pilot almost always joins an airline as a first officer. Although a candidate usually joins as a first officer, a lot has to be accomplished first. One must first decide they want to become a pilot, and then obtain the proper training.

HM Aviation has one of the best professional pilot programs around. This program takes an individual from no experience all the way to a first officer position within an airline. Most graduates from the program advance to evoking a captain after a few years of joining the airline.

becoming a pilot

An expert career councillor from HM Aviation will first discuss the career goals with the individual. The person will then undergo an interview and receive ground school and simulator training to prepare them for flight trainng in Canada, the United States, South Africa or New Zealand. The opportunity to train in another country is an experience so many dream of, but so few have. After completion of flight training, HM Aviation prepares the students for the entire selection process of an airline. After aptitude testing, simulator evaluations and interviews, the candidate is ready to join the airline as a first officer.

The candidate will usually join an airline as a first officer on an aircraft such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus A-320. Many join airlines on aircraft such as the Dash-8 or Q-400. As a junior first officer, most candidates will start off on domestic routes and work their way up to international routes. After some experience, and when the candidate has proven the self, they will have the opportunity to upgrade to captain.

HM Aviation offers an excellent program leading to the airlines. There has never been a better time!

Commercial pilot license training at HM Aviation

Dream to fly as a pilot is something many people dream of. To turn this dream into reality, India’s leading flight training academy, HM Aviation, provides commercial pilot license training to those who wish to fly commercial airplanes. When it comes to flying commercial plane, there are so many things that have to be considered. And, only those who have exceptional skills are granted a license to fly commercial planes.

HM Aviation is a pioneer that leaves no stone unturned to train aspiring pilots. They have been offering a range of flight training courses for last many years and know what all it takes to get a license as a pilot. They make sure that students who enroll with them understand the different aspect of the profession and intricacies of flying. Given that commercial pilot has the responsibility of hundreds of passengers and crew members, aviation authority grants license to only those who are able to clear the flying test.

Commercial pilot license training

The staff and flight instructors at this flight training school are not only skilled and experienced but also friendly. They make the entire process of flying easy. Be it theoretical or practical aspect of flying, students should be able to understand it carefully. They employ the most advanced and latest techniques and equipment to train students.

As far as enrolling with them is considered, it is simple and easy. All one has to do is fill the form on their website. One has to appear for an entrance examination which is tough to clear. Start preparing for entrance examination timely so that clearing it becomes easy.

Becoming a Commercial Pilot

A career as pilot is one of adventure and endless possibilities. You escape the bonds of earth, and travel to many locations. Every day, every flight is different. Definitely a career for those who don’t like being bored!

The commercial pilot’s license gives you the privilege of working as a pilot, but usually additional ratings are required to find employment. Some do a float rating and become bush pilots. This is a particularly popular option for pilots training in North America or Northern Europe.

Become a Commercial Pilot

Some do a flight instructor’s rating and teach others to fly. This is a good way to build hours and pass your knowledge on to others. Some do a multi-engine, and instrument rating and become charter pilots.For those whose dream is to fly the big airliners, or possibly a business jet; usually previous flying experience is required. As a result, many do a combination of the previously mentioned options to build the required hours. A flying career may take you on routes overseas on large airliners such as the A380 or B-777. Shorter, but often international routes are flown on aircraft such as the A320 or B-737.

For example, many take a first job as a flight instructor or a bush pilot, and build a few hours and join a charter company to build hours on turbine-powered aircraft. After building some turbine time an individual may have the option to join an airline. Some individuals enjoy adventure and make entire careers out of being bush pilots. Others enjoy teaching and make careers instructing or as Flight Test Examiners or inspectors.Some in the charter business enjoy flying all around, instead of on a fixed schedule like the airlines, and end up flying a Learjet or even a Gulfstream. There are as many careers, and paths to careers as there are pilots.

Steps involved in Becoming a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is relatively straight forward.Following a few steps will make the dream come true.

First: one must decide they want to become a pilot, and be determined to do whatever is necessary. This is the most important part; it will keep one focused.

Second: one must obtain a medical. A Class 1 medical is required for a commercial license, a Class 3 for a private license.

Third: one must start training for their Private Pilot License. Whether one wants to fly as a career or for pleasure, this is the first step. A minimum of 45 flying hours and 40 hours of ground school are required. One must also pass a written and flight test. The Private Pilot License gives one the ability to fly for pleasure, but not for a salary.

Become A Pilot

Fourth: After completing the Private Pilot License, one may communes training for a Commercial Pilot’s License. A minimum of 200 flying hours are required as well as 80 additional hours of ground school. A flight test and a written test are also required. A Commercial Pilot’s License gives one the ability to get paid to fly.

Additional Steps: Different people have different goals in flying.Some people go on to do other ratings such as a flight instructor’s rating, and start their career teaching others to fly. Others do ratings such as float training,and build hours “bush flying”. Some do their multi-engine and instrument ratings, and do charter flying. For those who wish to fly advanced aircraft, 1500 hours flying and an Airline Transport Pilot License is required.

There are many ways to start a flying career; one must choose what’s right for them.