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There are currently many flying scools, and many organizations in which to complete flight training. Many individuals do not realize that the process of becoming a pilot does not end with the completion of flight training. Most airlines have a selection process.

A group of airline professionals realized this, and HM Aviation was formed. HM Aviation set up the most comprehensive pilot training program available. This program first prepares the student for flight training before they leave India. The student is prepared for ground school, and given an introduction to aviation. The student is also prepared for their host country in which they will train.

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The HM Aviation pilot training program conducts flight training in countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and the United States. These countries are all renowned for their high quality flight training. Although it may be a little intimidating travelling to another country at first, it is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Experiencing another culture is something so few people have have the opportunity for. In addition to excellent flight training, one will make friends with people from around the world that will last a lifetime.

The professionals at HM Aviation realize your training does not end with the completion of flight training. Airlines have a selection process which involves individual interviews, group interviews, aptitude tests, and simulator evaluations. The HM program prepares every candidate for each step. They even offer remedial training if an individual experiences difficulties. HM is truly committed to every student’s success. For anyone aspiring to have an aviation career, HM Aviation is the best possible choice.


Many, of not most careers involve the same thing, the same routine every day. The same hours, the same office/location, and the same work every single day can be boring, even if the pay is good.

Fortunately, there are careers which can be very exciting, which offer new challenges every day. One such career is that of a pilot. Pilots have the opportunity to travel to many exciting destinations, both on and off work. Every day is different for a pilot. He or she can be put on routes to new cities.Weather conditions, and traffic are different every day. Everything is constantly changing in aviation, and the pilot is part of a dynamic career.

Typically, a pilot will receive a weather briefing and be introced to his/her crew. The pilots will file a flight plan and proceed to the aircraft. The aircraft is fuelled, and the passengers and baggage are loaded. The pilot does a final weight and balance and ensures the aircraft is airworthy. After the aircraft is fuelled, and all passengers and cargo are aboard, the aircraft is pushed back, and permission is given to start engines. The aircraft is started, and clearance is given to taxi to the active runway.


Once at the active runway, the pilot receives clearance to taxi onto the runway, and for takeoff. The throttles are advanced, and the engines come to life. Everyone is pressed back in their seats as the aircraft accelerates. A short while later, the pilot “rotates” the aircraft, and it is airborne. The aircraft is soon above all weather, and everything is smooth and clear. The view of the earth is breathtaking.

Advanced equipment and air traffic control guide the aircraft to its destination. Air Traffic Control will “vector” (give headings to fly) the aircaft to the destination airport for an approach and landing. The pilot will receive a clearance to taxi to the gate once landed. Depending on the length of the flight, and duty time worked, the crew will either do a return flight to the original airport, or spend the night (possibly longer) at a hotel. The crew is usually put up in a luxury hotel with full meal allowance. All employees of major airlines usually get free or heavily discounted flights as well as reduced hotel rates when they travel on vacation.

A pilot is a careerwhich involves the opportunity to see so many places, and meet so many interesting people from around the world. Every day involves something new and exciting. Few careers involve the excitement and adventure of a pilot.

Flight Training Abroad

India has the fastest growing economy and aviation industry in the world. By the end of the next decade, India could have the largest aviation industry in the world. This translates into more flying and aviation careers than ever before.

People serious about a flying career will need the best possible training. Although India has a rapidly growing aviation industry, aspiring pilots will have better flight trading options abroad. India has a very large population, with large urban areas. Space for flight Training no is very limited.

Countries such as the United States or Canada have large land masses with less population. North America have a wide variety of climates and geography. The student will learn to fly in different weather conditions, and will learn to fly in mountains, flatland or coastline. Combined with the most advanced air traffic control system and flight training syllabus in the world, the student will developed the best possible flying skills.

Flight Training

Countries such as New Zealand or South Africa also have a wide variety of geography and climate in which to learn to fly.New Zealand has a very small population, and a friendly environment. South Africa has a great climate, and land area for training. A student has many options for training abroad.

Another advantage to training abroad is in the opportunity to make new friends and experience a different culture. This is an adventure and an experience so few people ever get the opportunity to have. Trying abroad also gives one exposure to flight regulations and an aviation environment of another country. This is extremely valuable for the professional pilot. Many people choose careers in the airlines for this experience.Train get abroad is a great experience for a student and will be a great learning experience for the future pilot.

Pilots Are The Heros Of Aviation

The Wright brothers gained world fame when they first piloted a powered aircraft more than a century ago. World War 1 first The the aircraft go to war, and pilots gained fame be becoming “aces” (shooting down at least 5 enemy aircraft). After the First World War, aviation returned to more peaceful purposes, and pilots such as Charlie’s Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart gained fame bey crossing the world’s oceans. The Second World War saw aviation developed to a whole new level, and more pilots were trained than ever before. Aviation was here to stay!

The pilot has always been seen as adventurous. It took great courage to cross the oceans in the early days of aviation, but this courage has benefited the world unlike anything ever seen before. The courage of the pilot won wars, and made travelling across the world quickly a reality.

Modern day technology has greatly changed the job of a pilot.Traveling across any ocean has become routine. Aircraft have become highly automated. The importance of the role of the pilot has not changed.

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Others also play important roles. Maintenance personnel and technicians keep the aircraft flying. Without properly designed aircraft and maintenance, the pilot could not do his or her job. Maintenance may not be as glamorous as a pilot, but plays a vital role. Air traffic control keeps aircraft flying smoothly, and in today’s busy skies, that is no small task. Cabin crew provide service to passengers, and keep the passengers coming back. Airport and airline management keep things running.

The pilot,however is responsible for a multi-million dollar aircraft, and the lives of all passengers. The pilot is a position of glamour and immense responsibility. It is an exciting and well respected career with a limitless future.

Pilot training in New Zealand is a real good option , a lot of advantages to train in New Zealand

You have decided to go for flight training; an incredibly exciting career awaits! The next decision to be made is the location. There are many places around the world available for flight training.

One location which has produced great results is New Zealand. New Zealand lies off the west coast of Australia, and consists of a North and South Island. New Zealand has a population of 4,591,550. This is a relatively small population, resulting in a more “friendly” atmosphere, and providing flight training areas away from population.

Pilot training in New Zealand

New Zealand is a modern and developed country, providing the latest aircraft and air traffic control. One will truly get the best training available in New Zealand.

New Zealand is also famous for its beauty. It has miles of coast line, and the “Southern Alps” on New Zealand’s South Island. The view of the Southern Alps is breath taking, with snow capped peaks, meadows, and lakes. This is ideal for a student to get mountain flying experience, as well as providing many destinations for a student to fly to. This also provides for leisure activities when one has the time.

Cities such as Auckland, Wellington, an Christchurch are also filled with many interesting activities, and are popular tourist attractions.

Training in New Zealand not only well prepares a student for a career in aviation, but presents the opportunity to make life-long friendships with people from around the world. New Zealand will leave one with memories lasting a lifetime.

HM Aviation comes up with a professional pilot training program

There are a few professions which require an individual to undergo right training. And, one such profession is that of becoming a pilot. Being a part of the aviation industry is one dream which many people want to achieve. However, only a handful of people are able to turn it into reality. With an objective to offer the quality professional training program, HM Aviation has introduced training courses which can be the ladder to success for aspiring pilots. The aviation school is one of the leading names when it comes to offering a range of pilot training programs.

Whether an individual wants to apply for private pilot training or commercial pilot training program, there are courses available to choose from. The main objective of these courses is to help aspiring students understand the basic and detailed information on different aspects of being a pilot. The course is updated from time to time so that students can get the latest information.

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Also, the fact that HM Flight training academy is well-equipped with the most advanced and latest training equipment and technology makes it the most reliable names in the sector cannot be denied. The world-class infrastructure further makes the entire learning process easy for students.

Since the time of inception, the aviation training academy has been striving to impart quality pilot training education and qualification among those who wish to carve out a niche in this highly competitive and ever-flourishing sector. One can find out detailed information related to the professional pilot training course by simply visiting their website. All that it might take is a few minutes of the aspiring candidates who want to fetch become a pilot.

Pilot Shortage Worldwide

The world-wide aviation industry has been experiencing growth at levels never imagined possible before. More and more people are traveling for business and pleasure than any time in the past. In spite they f the growth in aviation, there has not been an increase in the number of pilots.a few years ago, the supply of pilots greatly exceeded the demand, but this has been changing.

Flying magazine as well as other sources have written articles about how fewer people are becoming pilots. This is all happening at a time when the world will need pilots like never before.

Best Pilot Training in India

Obviously, becoming a pilot takes commitment. Any worthwhile career does. One must study, and take written and practical exams. Becoming a pilot takes knowledge, skill, and most of all a professional attitude.

The rewards are well worth the effort. A career as a pilot offers excitement offered in so few careers. Every day is different. A pilot has the opportunity to visit many new and exciting places, both on and off work. With more airlines, and more destinations always coming up, the opportunities have never been better.

Unlike times in the past, aviation plays an essential role in today’s economy. People as well as goods have to travel across the world quickly. Only aviation can meet this requirement. Becoming a pilot makes one an important part of today’s world as well as offering a life of excitement. Become part of this career; opportunities have never been better!

Why do Flight Training Abroad?

All of Asia and especially India will be looking to hire more pilots than at any time in history. Aspiring pilots who wish to take advantage of this hiring boom will have to get the best flight training available.

Although Asia has the fastest growing aviation sector in the world, it is relatively new. Powered flight began in the United States in 1903, and the aviation industry became born in North America and Europe shortly after. World War 1 & 2 saw tremendous growth and development in the aviation industry. The airline industry became born after World War 2, and its role became more and more important with time.

America manufactured most the airlines with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. America set the standard for both licensing and the entire aviation industry. The flight schools knew exactly what the airlines required, and how to train pilots to standard.

Recently, Asia has become an economic superpower. Its large population, and vast area has created a never before seen demand for air travel. Pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel are required in numbers never before thought possible. Although India has flying schools, they are not as well established as flying schools in North America. India’s large population for its land area limits the number of flying schools in the country, so many students travel abroad for training.

Flight Training

North America has a vast land mass, with a much smaller population. This makes Canada and the United States ideal locations for flight training. Canadian and American licenses are recognized and respected around the world. Such licenses make for easy conversions and employment anywhere.

Students returning home to India after completing flight training must still convert their licenses to DGCA standards, but are well prepared to do so. Programs such as the HM Aviation Cadet Program prepare the student for both the DGVA conversion and airline selection process upon returning to India.

Another advantage to training abroad is experiencing another culture, and having an adventure so few people ever have. This is a great start for someone wanted to get paid to see the world, as does a pilot. Having foreign licenses and experience is something valuable to an airline, as they do not have to retrain one on foreign regulations.

For those wishing a life of travel and adventure, flight training abroad is an exciting start to one of the most exciting careers the world has ever produced. Why not get your career started today?

Pilot Growth in India

Asia is leading the world in economic growth. Asia’s large population along with its robust economy is creating a large demand for air travel. Air travel was once a luxury industry, but now it is an essential industry; the entire economy of the world depends upon it.

India will lead Asia, and the world in growth. Currently, India is the 9th largest aviation market in the world. By 2020, it is estimated India will be the 3rd largest, and even possibly the world’s largest by 2030. India’s aviation industry experienced a 25% growth from 2014 to 2015. The aviation industry is expected to grow 9% per annum for the next 20 years. After several years of losses, the airlines in India are again making profits.

Pilot Training in India

It is estimated 216,000 pilots will be required for Asia alone over the next 20 years. Airbus estimates during the same period 33,070 new aircraft will be delivered at a value of $5.2 trillion. Boeing estimates 38,050 new aircraft at a value of $5.6 trillion; 40% of these deliveries are expected for Asia.

There has never been growth like this in the Asian aviation industry, and there have never been more career opportunities. Now is the perfect time to start a career in aviation!

What to look for in a Flying School

One must invest a lot of time and money in educating themselves for a career. Flying involves a huge commitment on both parts. When you add the tremendous responsibilities involved with the job of being a pilot, the importance of finding a good school cannot be overemphasized. Some factors in choosing a flight schoolare:

1. Aircraft. The flying school must have the most up to date aircraft. Does the school have aircraft that have the latest avionics? Are the aircraft well maintained? Are the aircraft suitable for flight training? All of these factors are essential to ensure the student gets the best possible training.

2. Flight Instructors. The school must have experienced professional instructors. The instructors must not only be good pilots themselves, but must be able to get the message across to students. It is also important that the instructor have the right attitude, and be committed to the student’s success, and not just doing the job to build hours.

Best Pilot training in India

3. Location/ Climate. The geographic location and climate of the school are also important. There must be good locations to train and practice in, as well as doing cross-country flights. The climate must also be suitable for flight training. A location which does not allow flying for 6 months of the year due to heavy rain or snow will not be great for training. Many parts of the world are known for bad weather, and will delay a student’s progress. This must be considered when choosing a location. Although there is no perfect climate, one that allows at least some training year round, without extreme weather should be chosen.

4. Country. The country one chooses to train in is also very important. Is the country developed? Is the country peaceful, or is there constant violence and wars? How easy is it to get a study visa in the country? Is the country free, or does it have a repressive regime? A peaceful, developed country without extreme laws is best for training.

These are some of the most important things to look for in choosing a flight school. While no location or country is perfect, one should be careful about their choice of location for training.