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Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make. People who choose to become pilots have entered one of the most exciting careers available. Regardless of career, the next major decision is on where to train. For pilots, they must choose a school with the best equipment, professional instructors, and a good location.

Asia, and especially India is experiencing a demand for aviation personnel unlike anything ever seen before. Pilots, cabin crew, and all ground personnel are being hired in record numbers. Although India is experiencing a large demand for pilots, it does not always provide for the best training location. Places such as Canada, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa are all equipped with modern training facilities and aircraft.

Commercial flight school

These countries also have vast, open areas for flight training. India has a large population, with many large cities and congested airspace. Although this has created a large demand for air travel, it has not made India an ideal location for flight training.

Fortunately, for the aspiring aviator in India, HM Aviation has developed the ideal pilot training program. The program will first prepare the student for the training course, and for the host country. The student will get a better training package than in Canada, USA, New Zealand or South Africa than if they trained in India. This also gives the student the opportunity to see another country and experience a different culture.

The program also prepares the student for the airline’s entire selection process upon returning to India.HM Aviation offers the ideal pilot training program for any individual wishing to enter one the the world’s most exciting careers.

Commercial Pilot Course

Ever aspiring pilot will begin their career by completing the private pilot license. This is where one learns to fly; all additional training builds upon the skills and knowledge gained.

The fist step in the commercial pilot course is the night rating. The student must first do a few hours of traing by reference to aircraft instruments. Night flying is very enjoyable. It is usually very smooth, and seeing city lights and landmarks at night is very beautiful.

The student also learns advanced navigation, and will fly to destinations further away from their home airport than on the private pilot training. Most counties require a cross-country flight of at least a 300 mile radius from their home airport. Students must hour build until at least 200 hours, and many do cross-country flights to various airports. This definitely makes commercial flight traing exciting. Unlike classroom learning, the student actually gets to have adventures.


The student also does advanced training such as emergency procedures. Advanced air excercises are also mastered. This improves the student’s confidence, and makes the student a more competent pilot.

The student also trains to fly by instruments. They will learn to fly on full and partial instrument panel. The student also learns to fly by radio navigation aids, such as VOR, NDB and GPS. This skills are required by all airline, corporate, and charter pilots. Although the commercial pilot course does not entitle the student to do instrument flying, it does lay the foundation for what must be completed in instrument rating training.

Ground school is also an important part of the commercial pilot course. The student will learn about theory of flight, aircraft engines (piston and turbine engines), crew resource management, navigation, meteorology, and flight operations.This theory will be applied to flying, and the student must also pass a written exam.

In addition to a written exam, the student must also pass a flight test. The flying skills taught to the student are examined.Upon completion of both tests, and building the required hours, the student is then awarded the commercial pilot license. A major milestone in one’s flying career!

Commercial Pilot Jobs

A commercial pilot’s license gives the holder the right to work as a pilot, for pay. Whether your goal is to fly for the airlines, corporate jets, charters, or flight instructing, a commercial pilot’s license is necessary.

There are many commercial pilot jobs. Different people have different interests, and will therefore pursue a variety of career paths.One popular choice, especially in North America is becoming a bush pilot. The first step is usually obtaining a float rating. This allows the holder to fly an aircraft off of lakes or rivers. There is a new set of challenges in flying a float plane such as glassy water take-offs and landings, or landing and taking off on rough water.

Float planes fly people and supplies into remote areas not accessible by road. This provides an exciting life for those with the right qualifications.
Another popular choice, especially among people starting out their career is to become a flight instructor. This involves teaching people to fly; training people for their private, commercial, and more advanced flight ratings. Teaching ground school and teaching students on flight simulators is often part of the job. One must complete a flight instructor’s rating to pursue this career.

Commercial Pilot Jobs

Although the pay is often not great at first, many say this is the most enjoyable part of their career.Some people become charter pilots, flying people and sometimes cargo to various locations. Twin piston engine aircraft, or light turbo-props such as the King Air are often used. A multi-engine rating and an instrument rating are required for this position. A few graduates of flight schools become charter pilots as their first job, while others become flight instructors or bush pilots first. For many pilots, this is their final step before the airlines; while others become training captains or even chief pilots for charter companies.

For other pilots, becoming a corporate pilot is their career goal. This usually involves starting out with smaller business jets such as the Lear jet, and flying executives to various cities. One can work their way up to larger business jets such as the Gulfstream, which fly across the oceans. What is so appealing in this career is that the pilot will go to many interesting places, often on short notice, unlike the strict schedule followed by the airlines. A job as a corporate pilot is not usually the pilot’s first job; he or she must usually follow any of the previously mentioned jobs and build experience before obtaining this position. Well worth the effort for those who want it.

There are many career paths in the aviation industry,depending upon one’s interests. With the industry poised for record growth, there will be more opportunities in all areas of the industry than ever before.

Commercial Pilot Training to give you an edge over others!

Have you ever thought of the significance of commercial pilot training courses? Such training program offer great scope for they prepare future pilots of the country. You must complete this course if you want to qualify for getting a job in commercial airline. Having a secured job as pilot is possible only if you meet the conditions and criteria that come along with commercial flying training course. Number of students enrolling for pilot training course has skyrocket in the last few years speaking volumes about the popularity of the course. It is this training which can make a huge difference to your profession.

There are no two ways about the fact that within a decade’s time, there has been sudden growth and expansion of the aviation sector across the globe and India is no exception. Given the fact, that demand for quality pilots is felt more than ever before, several institutes are mushrooming across the country with an objective to impart quality flying skills in the future pilots. Although completion in the industry is very high, you can make it to the top only if you have the right set of skills. Training academies perform written exam followed by group discussion and personal interview to pick the best of the candidates.

commercial Pilot Training

Gone are the times when aspiring pilots prefer enrolling for commercial pilot training abroad. Things have changed drastically in the last few years. Today, you can be assured to get finest of the pilot training India as the country is home to some of the leading and renowned institutes which job prepares future pilots of the country.

With the rise in number of private airlines, your chances of getting job as pilot increases manifolds provided you get the right skills.By putting in little efforts, you can choose the best in the country. Efforts that you will put in flight training will help you make your presence feel in the aviation industry.

Fetch Commercial Pilot License to Fly!

Present are the times when youngsters look for career opportunity which can set their career on the right track. It has been noticed that many wants to join aviation academies in order to get a license for becoming pilot. There is no denying the fact that there are plenty of career opportunities in the field of aviation. There are apprentices who landed up with a well-paid job post the completion of course. If you want to fetch a job as commercial pilot then you need to look for Commercial Pilot Courses which prepare future pilots by offering best training in the same.

Rewards of becoming a pilot are many and very special. Not only commercial pilots are well-paid but also they get opportunities to visit different parts of the globe. If you are one of those individuals who want to pursue career in aviation then make sure you work towards the successful achievement of a few qualifications which are required for piloting an aircraft, no matter whether it is commercial or private. You have to obtain skills and education as needed in the achievement of a CPL. There are certain privileges associated with CPL and these are mentioned in the ratings or sub-qualifications. While there are some pilots who might gain airline transport pilot license, some pilots may acquire aerobatic flights rating too. There is very possibility that CPL might specify the kind of plane you can fly.

Commercial Pilot Courses

If you want to achieve CPL then the journey starts from gaining private pilot license as mentioned in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Though there are no two ways about the fact that there are very chances of implementation which varies from one country to the other. It is important for you to complete and obtain private pilot license if you want to obtain commercial pilot license.

If you want to apply for PPL then you must be more than 17 years of age. This, in other words mean, you can start hunt for the right aviation academy the moment you turn 17. In addition, you are required to complete fifty hours of flight time and clear several theoretical subjects that are the part of curriculum. Passing the examination with flying colours is an added advantage.

People who want to become pilot must look for the institute which is renowned and reputed. There are several colleges out there each claiming to offer best of the services and studies. Hence, you should run careful search when looking for the aviation academy offering the course in commercial pilot license. It is extremely important for you to make sure that you are able to get best of the education and skills when it comes to flight training. Ensure that you get the right skills when you apply for the course. Find out detailed information about Commercial Pilot Courses if you want to make the most of your career as commercial pilot. Quality of training you get at the flying academy can make a difference to your career.