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Private Pilot License Training–Training To Polish Skills of Aspiring Pilots

If you want to become a pilot then one question that often comes to your mind is how long will take to get private pilot license? Reading this article would get you a better perspective of private pilot license training and the requirements that you have to comply to get this particular certification.
The first thing that you need to understand that this license is not the stepping stone to fly a helicopter or other single engine aircrafts, it also is the step you take in the direction to become a commercial pilot. This is primarily because to become eligible to fly a commercial plane, you first need to earn certification as a private pilot.

In order to obtain a private pilot license, the first thing that you have to do is undergo helicopter training at an aviation training school that has specialty in providing this type of training. As a matter of fact, the aspiring pilot can start training at any age however 18 years is the minimum age to obtain the student pilot certificate. Please note that you need to have ten hours of solo flight time in order to get a private pilot license. These ten hours tend to form the minimum of forty hours of time required for obtaining the license. Once the candidate has completed solo flying hours and other parts of the training, he or she has to appear for written examination and verbal tests for theoreticalknowledgerelated to flying an aircraft. At last, the aspiring candidate would undergo a check ride with an instructor or examiner that would help in determining whether or not the person has the knowledge and skills needed to fly an aircraft.

Private pilot license training

Of course, choosing the right flight training is the most important factor for a person who wishes to pursue career as a private pilot.also, make sure that you check the credentials of the flight instructors, the number of years aviation academy has been in operation, the reputation of the flight training academy and the total investment that you have to make in order to get a private pilot license training. Make it a point to ask whether or not the school will be providing a study guide for the exams and tests that you will be appearing for because quality schools are concerned about their student’s ability to clear these exams. Clearing queries is essential to undergo the right training.

Well, if you are keen to become a private pilot, make sure that you are able to find out as much information as possible about the flight training school. Instead of making any decision in a haste, it is strongly suggested that you spare out time and do thorough research and homework. There are so many details you will come across while doing the research that making the right decision might become quite easy for you. So, get going for a career of which sky is the limit.


The first step in every pilot career is in training for the private pilot license. Whether one aspires to become a pilot as a career, or if one only wishes to fly for pleasure, the private pilot license is where they start.

One’s first experience with flying is often in the form of an introductory flight. The individual will go up with a instructor and take control of the aircraft for the first time. This is one of the most thrilling experiences an individual will ever have. The feeling of taking control of an aircraft for the first time is almost indescribable. The introductory flight is an experience one will remember for a lifetime. This also helps the student decide is flying is really for them.

Once the student decides to pursue flight training, they will enroll in the private pilot course. This is where the student learns to fly an aircraft. The knowledge and skills obtained from the private pilot license will be used through one’s entire flying career. It provides the basis for all future training.


First, the student will fly with an instructor to a practice area, near the home airport. The student learns how to handle the aircraft under various conditions, and becomes confident at the controls. The next step is to practice take-offs and landings at the home airport. When the student is ready, he or she will be sent on their first solo. The first solo is always one of the most memorable occasions in a pilot’s lifetime.

After the first solo, the student will practice more take-offs and landings, both with and without an instructor. The student will then return to the practice area to train for more advanced manoeuvres, and emergency procedures. The student will then fly a cross-country flight, with an instructor, and solo. The final step in flight training will be the completion of the private pilot flight test.

The student will attend ground school as well as flight training. He/ she will study topics such as air law, meteorology, theory of flight, navigation, and human factors. This gives the student the theoretical knowledge necessary to become a pilot. The student must pass a written test in addition to the flight test to obtain the private pilot license.

After the completion of the course, the student is now a licensed pilot, and joins a select group of individuals! Whatever one’s goals in aviation, they have cleared the first step, and have made a major accomplishment.