Why Now Is The Best Time To Become A Pilot

Currently, there are more employment opportunities for pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel than ever before. Orders for new aircraft, and air travel are at an all time high, world-wide. Asia will lead the world in growth in the aviation industry.

Boeing estimates that by 2037, Asia will require 261,000 new pilots, and 317,000 new cabin crew. It is estimated the world will require 790,000 pilots over this time period. India is experiencing the single largest amount growth in Asia. At no time on the history of aviation have opportunities like this existed before.This is the best time in history to start a career in aviation.

Best Time To Become A Pilot

The world depends upon aviation more than any time in history. In the past, aviation was a luxury industry, making it heavily dependent on a strong economy. In recent years, aviation has become an essential industry, making it a much more stable employer.

The increased growth and stability has turned the industry into a very lucrative career. Now is definitely the best time in history to start a career in such an exciting industry!

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